Good Morning

The day started OK but then all of a sudden... my Heart

 Stopped Dead 

...ever wonder about the afterlife? Well at that moment, I did... I did a lot.

 I was Aware 

I struggled to keep my shit together for this was it, right, my last adventure.

 Afterlife, Boom 

Turns out the afterlife begins in a crowded mall like area crowded with job fair like recruits and recruiters, wtf

 But Wait! 

It wasn't my choice.
I missed the cut, I failed, flunked out. In every possible scenario I was below par.

 OK, I was wrong 

I need a new approach.

 No Do Overs 

It was what I did and what I failed to do.

 My Fate 

I had to go back and guide another, help them make the grade.

 My Guides Fault? 

My guides may have been faulty.

 Another Shot 

Maybe It wasn't completely my fault and maybe it was, in either case I'm getting another shot,

 Prove My Worth 

so last chance improve my life, complete my job, get my afterlife. Simple! No, I need your help.
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via GoDaddy 

 Travel to the Zone