Spill Gut 

 Confession Time

I have a confession to make!

 I'm a Professional 

Null for the Baseball Sports Book Alliance

 What's a Null?

A Null detects and dampens psychic directions

 Awakened Powers

accidental or purposeful PSI manipulations disrupt our flow

 For Some 

their life is a beach, bright and sunny

 For Others 

it's rough going, definitely not smooth sailing

 I Detect 

them with a gentle psychic touch

 Then Interrogate 

it's my job to question them subtly, unknowingly

 Them are Nuts 

some are just plain crazy

 Some Others 

imagine they're a witch or something

 The Rare Ones 

know what they are, seek understanding, and are trained by them

 We Monitor These 

the trained ones must be dealt with.

 Ultimate Plan 

assess their agenda, then neutralize using any means necessary

 Time after Time 

it's just a matter of time

 Their Agents 

will evntually come for me

 Hot and Spicy 

I'm way too spicy for that

 Spill Gut 

...so I will tell all now and change the narrative because

is for sale
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